Mizuka's ethos comes from her curiosity and desire to be empathetic and advocate for all perspectives. 
Being raised between Japan and Vietnam, attended a British international school and studying in the United States, these experiences have constantly sharpened her affinity to be empathetic, as she had to always navigate various perspectives and be the bridge that connects those ideas together.
She's found design to be a great medium for exercising her ability and wants to help develop that universal language across cultures.

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"Through her work in the studio Mizuka displayed superb leadership skills and responsibility for the timely and successful completion projects she was assigned to. She demonstrated a hands-on approach, showing and leading others to perform with the same care and enthusiasm she demonstrated to them. Mizuka’s projects advanced rapidly to their final level of presentation to the clients using all the skills, knowledge and experience that are expected at this time. Mizuka also demonstrated a high level of self-initiative that is another strong indication of her leadership abilities.
-Design Manager Studio930, ​​​​​​​Dan Harel""
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